Our Mission:

We have a strong commitment to serving the needs of the people of California. Our team is dedicated to provide rapid and accurate research-based plant pest diagnostics and professional expertise to our clients. We work to develop effective, environmentally responsible options for managing plant diseases of importance in California.

Types of testing offered:

We can assist with any type of plant pest problem. Lab tests are available for the detections of most plant pathogens.

Turn-around time
Turn-around time is dependent on specimen submitted. Generally, routine diagnoses are usually finished in 5-10 days, depending on the test that is needed for the diagnosis. Specimens requiring extensive testing require more time. Diagnostic results are routinely emailed to the client, but results can also be faxed or mailed.

Routine Diagnostics (Culture/Microscopic Observation): $35/sample
Molecular Diagnostics (DNA/PCR identification): $50/ sample
On-site visit: Please call or email for detail and fee.

Packaging and submission information can be found on our forms. Please call us at 530-628-3568 or email, if you have any other questions.